Hand Embroidered Pillow Covers
Beautifully hand-embroidered pillow covers. Each one, which is unique and exquisite, measures approximately 16.5” square and comes in the following colors*:

*Due to differences in Monitors and ISP's, colors may vary

Floral w/ Floral Border Motif
Four embroidered flowers, leaves and vines surrounding a central flower with a matching border.
$35.95 each

Metalllic Flower Pot Motif
An arrangement of flowers set in a vase, surrounded with an abstract floral moitf embroidered with metallic thread.
$35.95 Each

Embroidered Ribbon Border Motif
This motif comes in two designs, each has a center design surrounded by an embroidered ribbon of flowers and vines. The dark blue and red sample shows the floral motif and the slate sample shows two little birds in a circle of grapes.
$25.95 Each

Bats with Medallion Motif
Five bats surrounding a longevity medallion with a border of gold embroidery interconnecting four medallions and four symbols.

$15.95 Each


Potted Flowers Motif
An arrangement of flowers in an oriental vase.
$35.95 Each

Embroidered Dragon Motif
Two dragons decorated with metallic embroidery.
$25.95 Each

Crane Motif
A crane surrounded by an oriental garden.
$15.95 Each